Who We Are

As one of the best providers of pharmacy services in the hospice, long-term-care and intermediate care marketplace, Med Express Drug Systems, Inc. is committed to the highest level of pharmacy practice, precision, professionalism, clinical effectiveness, express service and patient care.

The Med Express Pharmacy Advantage

Our pharmacy is open to serve your needs 24 hrs everyday, 7 days a week, including all holidays. We maintain a fleet of drivers that deliver our entire patient's medications 24 hrs everyday. This is one of our great advantage among other pharmacies, we are at your beck and call anytime you need our service.

Our pharmacy can provide any oral and intravenous (IV) medications. We also compound medications in the form of solution, suppository, gel and cream. For patients who have difficulty in swallowing, these compounded medications are of great help and ease to them.

Med Express has a state-of-the-art pharmacy automation integrating robotic filling and centralized workflow into the pharmacy system. This enables the medication filling process practically 100% error-free. This automation enables the pharmacy to track exactly where the medication order is in the workflow: whether it's in processing, filling, pharmacist checking, dispatched for delivery, or with the driver on its way to be delivered or received by the patient already.

Any pharmacy can dispense medications, but not all pharmacies can consistently deliver its patient's medications on time all the time. As a hospice pharmacy, Med Express understands the importance of bringing the medications to its patients in the soonest time possible. Med Express can guarantee medication delivery within 4 hours from order time. Med Express can also provide a quick, 2-hour delivery time for those occasional STAT medication orders.

Med Express can provide consultative pharmacy services which assist in the development, coordination, supervision and review of the drug regimen of each patient and prepare appropriate reports.

The Med Express Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) Advantage

Med Express PBM formulary is flexible and totally adaptable to the hospice’s drug policies. Med Express can implement a straight formulary, a diagnosis-based formulary or a combination of both depending on the hospice’s needs.

Med Express PBM streamlines claim processing because it eliminates the middle layer resulting in improved efficiency and faster delivery of service to the patients. Hospice nurses don’t need to call a third party to profile a new patient. Patients are profiled as medication orders for new admissions are called in to the pharmacy thereby eliminating unnecessary delay.

Non-formulary meds or drug utilization rejects are directly communicated from the pharmacy to the hospice supervisor for authorization or override. Once approval is obtained, claims are processed immediately and meds are dispatched for delivery eliminating hours of delay as experienced with the third-party process.

We put the power in the hospice’s hands by providing them reporting and analysis tools and direct online access to their patient claims data. With our claim servers operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our hospice clients have the ability to query their pharmacy data anytime thru direct online access.

Our hospices have an incredible amount of flexibility to view their pharmacy data. Utilization reports or comprehensive financial reports such as total pharmacy expenditures, average drug cost per patient per day, total generic drug vs. brand drug expenses, formulary drug vs. non-formulary (overridden) drug expenses, etc. can be generated and monitored to allow the hospice to keep a close eye on the bottom line at all times.

And most importantly, Med Express PBM rates provide an aggregate savings of at least 17% as compared to other PBM rates. This is mainly due to the streamlined process made possible when both PBM services and Pharmacy services are provided by the same company.

Dedicated to Service

Our pharmacy goes beyond providing medications, supplies and equipment. We understand the need for an extra measure of service for each and every patient in your facility. Additionally, our team helps you find and implement approaches that could improve the cost efficiency of our service while maintaining quality and compliance.

We take pride in our service to our clients and we can assure you that there will be an increased efficiency in your process and you can feel the convenience that most administrators or directors of nurses (DON) or director of patient care services (DPCS) longed for in terms of pharmacy services.

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